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We employ only experienced and well trained faculties as well as some visiting experts. Our teachers are carefully selected to ensure that they have the appropriate experience and dedication needed to support the students regardless of his or her academic level. A defined plan which include training and development of teachers using tools from within the school as well as outside agencies which ensures that the teachers are fully informed about the latest research and developments in the field of education.

Our students are regularly assessed by the teachers in order to monitor the progress of the class as a whole and that of an individual student. This allows us to target those students with specific needs or difficulties and to provide them with remedial help as required.

Our teachers willingly provide extra classes for those with the academic need for it or to support students as school or Board examinations approach. Our aim is to ensure that each student has the support required to fulfill his or her academic potential and that such help should be provided before the student realizes that he or she is in a difficult situation.

A well planned day allows curriculum time for each subject with teachers providing detailed notes and guidance in the classroom. A typical day also provides adequate time for a student to self-study and work individually outside the classroom, both through an organized nightly prep and tin spare time when work can be pursued on a more voluntary basis.

We have developed a revision program for students facing Board Examinations for classes X and XII which allows each student time for written practice under required time  which allows appropriate time for the teacher to recap the syllabus and for the student to revise it.

Throughout the year a regular program of Unit Tests is set to assess a student’s progress in each module and subject. This allow our teachers to provide immediate support to a student whose results indicate under-achievement in any module studied. In addition, we organize a formal set of examinations each term and two Pre-board examinations for class X and XII students.

We aim to encourage an understanding of the benefits of regular study and concentration in our students. We also support them by giving them as much formal examination experience as we can so that they can face these examination with confidence.


The school believes in teaming up with the parents to help develop the personality and academic progress of a child. Participation  of the parents in a parent-teacher meetings, seminars and workshops is deeply appreciated. We also encourage the parents to  attend the school programs and functions held through out the year. 


Personal files of the students are maintained from the day the he or she is admitted into the school. This helps the teaching staff and the student Counselor make a personal profile of each child and tap into his or her full potential throughout the sessions.

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