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Examination System

We hope to :
  1. Develop a respect for life, for themselves, a concern for other’s belongings, properties, feelings and individuality in a student.
  2. Guide students toward discovering their identity.
  3. Teach in a genuinely caring and an interactive manner.  
  4. Develop a students' personal attributes in order to widen their horizons and worldview towards a global perceptive through special classes and interactive workshops.
Evaluation of a child is based on :
  1. Continuous assessment based on performance throughout the year.
  2. Participation in scientific and literary activities.
  3. Participation in culture activities.
  4. Participation in games and outdoor activities.
  5. Personality assessment performa.
  6. Assessment in art education work experience and physical education.
  7. Assessment in computer aided learning.
To put these points together a unique progress report book has been designed. On the basis of this result, the students requiring academic enrichment program (AEP) and personality enhancement program (PEP) are put through the required modules.

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